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United Kingdom

Theatre in London

Term To Study: January Term 2018
Application Deadline: Oct 30, 2017
Program Starts: Jan 02, 2018
Program Ends: Jan 11, 2018
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $1,999
Link 1: Accommodations
Program Locations: London, Stratford-upon-Avon
Contact Phone: 781-768-7843
Contact Name: David Crisci
Contact Email:
What is Included: Roundtrip airfare Boston - London, transfers to hotel, lodging in double and triple rooms at hotel or apartment. Tickets to theatre performances in London and London Underground travel for duration of the trip.

There are limited seats for this trip and they are offered on a first come first serve basis. A $500 non-refundable deposit is to made by 10/15/2017. Deposit's are to be sent to the Center for Global Connections in CH 207. Prices are subjected to change.
What is not Included: Passport and/or visas if needed. Meals.
Estimated Costs: $350 for food, entrance costs for some sites if you wish to go, misc. costs.
Program Description

"Theatre in London"
Study Abroad: Topics in Literature and Theatre
TH 304 / EN 304

Spend 10 days in London this January! This 10 day intensive course will take place in London. It includes attendance at theatre productions at the city's major theatres, and will be augmented by guided tours to the newly reconstructed Globe Theatre and excursion to Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare!

Morning classes will include an overview of the London stage, in-depth study of the plays, and examination of the related theatrical styles. Afternoons are set aside for study, sightseeing, and excursions; evenings for theatre attendance.

The completion of theatrical critiques and other assignments will be required.

Although this course will take place in January 2018, it will be part of the 2018 Spring Semester. The course will be taught and conducted by Prof. Frans Rijnbout, associate Professor of theatre at Regis. Dr. Rijnbout has lead numerous trips abroad with students in the past. All students interested in this course will have a chance to meet with Dr. Rijnbout to discuss the student’s preparedness and rationale for participating in this course.

Cancelling participation in a faculty-directed program will incur costs to the student based on the schedule below. Refunds of tuition and associated fees are governed by Regis College refund policies, not by our office. We do not make refunds of the initial deposit unless the student is not accepted into the program or the program is canceled. Regis makes a serious commitment to provide study abroad opportunities for our students. By paying a deposit, students show commitment to participate in the program. In order for a program to operate, the program must meet a threshold number of participants who pay the deposit, and the program makes arrangements and reservations on behalf of these participants. For these reasons, students who pay the deposit must be fully committed to participating. The deposit is credited toward the program fee. If a student cancels their participation less than 90 days before the program start date, the student is still responsible for payment of the program fee, as outlined in the schedule below:
Withdrawal from Program (must be in writing) Amount of program fee refund (minus deposit)
90 days or more prior to program start 100%*
60 – 89 days prior to program start 50%*
30 – 59 days prior to program start 25%*
29 days or less prior to program start 0%*

Quick Facts

Population: 63047162
Capital: London
Per-capita GDP: $ 36600
Size: 243610 km2
Time Zone: (GMT) Dublin

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Travel Warning: YES
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